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Welcome to ALERT Module

The ALERT Platform has been created to enable first line practitioners and relevant community members to provide a ‘notification’ or ‘alert’ of a situation or incident of radicalisation, polarisation or hate. If you have witnessed or seen an incident, or are concerned about a developing situation, please register your ALERT here on the platform to help platform expert members in your community develop timely and appropriate response and suggest a course of action. The ALERT Tool will help you to: Register the case or incident of radicalisation, hate or polarisation (for example extremist propaganda, hate speech or gender, race or ethnic violence etc). Have this shared to members of the Platform in your community on ARENA. This will help support collaborative or targeted response by relevant experts. Receive tailored recommendations which may support your response - based upon your case description. If there is no similar case in the data-base your case will automatically be transferred to the ARENA platform where local experts will work to provide you with support and recommendations.