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Dr. Nicholas Krohley

  •   Lausanne, Suisse
À propos

Dr. Krohley is an applied social scientist, and the Founder of FrontLine Advisory. He has broad global experience conducting field research and providing consulting and training support to military, intelligence, and law enforcement clients. He is a leading practitioner in the discipline of Human Terrain Analysis, enabling clients to understand and act upon the social, economic, and cultural factors that affect terrorist, insurgent, and criminal networks.


FrontLine Advisory, Founder - 2011 to Present

U.K. MoD Defence Cultural Specialist Unit, Social Science Advisor - 2010 to 2011

US Army Human Terrain System, Social Scientist - 2007 to 2010

Telemus Solutions, Inc., Security & Intelligence Consultant - 2003 to 2005


Ph.D. - Middle East & Mediterranean Studies, King's College London

M.A. - Middle East & Mediterranean Studies, King's College London

B.A. - Yale University

Public cible
  • Services de répression
  • Décideurs politiques
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  • Travailleurs sociaux
  • Pouvoirs publics
"The Death of the Mehdi Army: The Rise, Fall, and Revival of Iraq’s Most Powerful Militia", published April 2015 by Oxford University Press (USA) and C. Hurst & Co. (UK), and reviewed as:
- “A most valuable and original insight into issues and dynamics that have eluded the grasp of Iraq specialists for far too long… an urgently needed scholarly contribution to our understanding of modern Iraqi history” – Dr. Fanar Haddad
- “A stunning example of extraordinary war-time social science research that will have an enduring legacy in the literature of insurgency and counterinsurgency” – Dr. Montgomery McFate
- “The best recent book on Iraq… a masterwork of… Iraqi political history… scholars may sense the spirit of the late historian Hanna Batatu’s classic studies of Iraqi society” – Dr. Michael Rubin
- Short-listed by The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) for the 2015 Duke of Westminster Medal for book of the year in the international security field

How Iraq’s Mehdi Army Almost Succeeded – And Why it Matters, Foreign Affairs, August 26, 2015

Kingdom Coming: Saudi Arabia’s Road Ahead, Foreign Affairs, October 12, 2016

Human Analysis in the Age of the Algorithm (Podcast), The Modern War Institute at West Point, October 11, 2017

The Intelligence Cycle Is Broken: Here’s How to Fix It, The Modern War Institute at West Point, October 24, 2017

Moving Beyond the Post-9/11 Manhunt: Translating Tactical Wins into Strategic Success, The Modern War Institute at West Point, February 6, 2019
Expérience en matière de recherche
Dr. Krohley is a social scientist who specializes in the design of complex research programs in unstable environments. He served with distinction as an advisor to the US Army in Iraq, and has a breadth of public and private sector research and consulting experience across the EMEA region.
Expérience pratique
Sample projects include:

• Training & Advisory – USSOCOM Civil Affairs: Providing Human Terrain training and deployed advisory support to the Civil Affairs component of USSOCOM.

• Operations – Nigeria: Providing field research and project management support to a technology start-up enabling internet connectivity/usage in frontier market megacities.

• Operations – Libya: Providing local stakeholder assessment and engagement support (with applications regarding local labor relations, security, and government relations) to a large-scale economic development initiative.

• Training – United Kingdom MoD: Developed and delivered foundational methods training for the nascent Defense Cultural Specialist Unit (DCSU), for personnel deploying to Afghanistan.

• Advisory – Various locations across Europe: Provided subject matter expertise in human terrain methods to “Multinational Experiment 6”, a two-year multinational inter-agency effort led by the United States Joint Forces Command to address the challenges of irregular warfare.

• Reachback & Remote Advisory – Afghanistan: Provided remote research support (OSINT) and methodological guidance to US Army Human Terrain Teams deployed to Afghanistan.

• Operations – Iraq: Designed, managed, and led a six-month human terrain-based assessment of what was Baghdad’s most violent district during “the Surge”, with a subsequent six-month operational advisory role that enabled the district’s full handover to Iraqi Security Forces.
Offre d’expertise
Dr. Krohley has deep experience in Human Terrain Analysis - the study of how contextual social, economic, cultural, and political factors affect the operations of criminal, terrorist, and insurgent networks. He is available to provide training in a proprietary methodology for the integration of Human Terrain Analysis into government- and civil society-led efforts to disrupt and degrade these networks. He is also available to conduct field research and analysis on related topics.

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