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The University of London is unlike many other universities. Our commitment to widening access has shaped our history, from our foundation to the present day.

Established as a secular alternative to Oxford and Cambridge, the only two other English universities at the time, we became the first to explicitly exclude religious qualification as an entry requirement. In 1858, Charles Dickens’ magazine, All the Year Round, coined the term “The People’s University”, which would “extend her hand even to the young shoemaker who studies in his garret”.

4 course(s) provided by University of London

Global Diplomacy: the United Nations in the World

  • Beginn:  24th June 2024
  • Ende:  24th June 2024

Security & Safety Challenges in a Globalized World

  • Beginn:  6th August 2019
  • Ende:  23rd July 2019

Risk in Modern Society

  • Beginn:  20th June 2019
  • Ende:  23rd October 2019

EU Policy and Implementation

  • Beginn:  18th June 2019
  • Ende:  20th June 2019
  • Akademisches bzw. Forschungsinstitut
  • Computer- und Netzsicherheit
  • Diplomatie
  • Terrorismusbekämpfung
  • Polizeibehörden
  • Politische EntscheidungsträgerInnen
  • Allgemeinheit
  • Jugendliche
  • LehrerInnen
  • Behörden
Foundation Year 1836
Higher or Secondary Education Establishment  Yes
Main Training Languages
  • English
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