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European Counter Terrorism Centre

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Europe is currently facing a vicious, new form of international terrorism. The clear shift in Islamic State’s strategy of carrying out special forces-style attacks in the international environment, with a particular focus on Europe, as well as the growing number of foreign terrorist fighters, demonstrates the new challenges facing the EU and its Member States.

To ensure an effective response to these challenges, in January 2016 Europol created the European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC), an operations centre and hub of expertise that reflects the growing need for the EU to strengthen its response to terror.

Designed as a central hub in the EU in the fight against terrorism, the ECTC focuses on:

• providing operational support upon a request from a EU Member State for investigations;
• tackling foreign fighters;
• sharing intelligence and expertise on terrorism financing (through the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme and the Financial Intelligence Unit);
• online terrorist propaganda and extremism (through the EU Internet Referral Unit);
• illegal arms trafficking;
• international cooperation among counter terrorism authorities.

4 course(s) provided by European Counter Terrorism Centre

International Cyber Conflicts

  • Έναρξη:  25th June 2019
  • Λήξη:  29th July 2019

Understanding Terrorism and the Terrorist Threat

  • Έναρξη:  25th June 2019
  • Λήξη:  23rd July 2019

Homeland Security & Cybersecurity Connection - It's Not About the Terrorists

  • Έναρξη:  23rd June 2019
  • Λήξη:  22nd July 2019

International Law In Action: Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes

  • Έναρξη:  31st July 2019
  • Λήξη:  30th September 2019
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  • Anti-terrorism
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