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Main issues and research challenges of OC and TN

CARONTE project-Creating an Agenda for Research on Transportation Security (Framework Programme FP7) – its importance in production of overall research agenda for the future and compatibility of identified research ideas with programme lines of HORIZON 2020.

The prosperity and security of all world countries is based on effective transport systems. Attacks and disturbances to land freight and passenger transport could have impact on economic growth, territorial cohesion, social development and environment. The research agenda developed in CARONTE shows how to build up European capabilities to ensure efficient and secure land transportation and how to mitigate impacts in case of incidences.

The objective of CAROTNE project was a future research agenda for security in land transport based on definition of core gaps caused by emerging risks. Project research agenda has covered all threats and security aspects across all models of land transportation, with taking into consideration all the fundamental human rights and privacy of European citizen. (J.L.Bello, E.G.Viosca, 2016) The CARONTE consortium included 11 members- VSBM (Vysoká škola bezpečnostného manažérstva) has been one of the project partner. For one and half year CARONTE was working on security challenges of land transport and efficient ways to find answers. The research agenda of project has included road and rail transports, logistics, interfaces between transport models, cyber security in transportation and cross-cutting issues. First of all has been defined common terms and their meaning. Next step was the identification of gaps based on matrix analyses, questionnaire and workshops. Very important part was also prioritization methodology. The criteria for prioritization were designed to take into account gathered information, which has enabled to reach the final priority score. The result of such issues prioritization was 3  lists with TOP and HIGH priority issues and  Other important issues. As a TOP priority issues was defined: Staying operational in the event of a cyber-incident, Timely and efficient threat detection and Special security problems as a railways as open systems. One of the aim of the CARONTE project was to support future research planning on a European level and develop the research agenda for security issues in land transport . It was necessary to present the results in a way compatible with current European research programmes- HORIZON 2020. In order to increase of compatibility of identified research ideas, they were categorised along the programme lines of HORIZON 2020, which were divided into the following areas:

  • Critical infrastructure protection (CIP)
  • Disaster-resilience: safeguarding and securing society (DRS)
  • Fight against crime and Terrorism (FCT)
  • Border security and External secutity (BES)
  • General Matters (GM)
  • Digital security focus area (DS)

The analysis of the categorisation of the research ideas gave the result that “Fight against Crime and Terrorism”(FCT) is the field most addressed by research ideas collected during the CARONTE project, due to the focus of the project on malicious attacks, crime and accidents caused by human error. (J.L.Bello, E.G.Viosca, 2016)


Smooth, safe and efficient transport is very important assumption of European growth and should be included in Europe 2020 strategy. In this regard, CARONTE project has helped by producing a research agenda for security in land transport that focuses on the core relevant gaps caused by emerging risks. Project also provides global guidelines on enhancing the surveillance of the land transport infrastructure. (J.L.Bello, E.G.Viosca, 2016)

This article is based on experiences of author, member of team the project partner VSBM Kosice


Martin Mašľan, University of Security Management in Kosice