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Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group (ISSG) is a non-partisan, independent, and non-profit think & do tank. The mission of Beyond the Horizon ISSG is to promote global peace and security by empowering decision and policy-makers with knowledge and advocating paths to prevent, mitigate or end crises and conflicts. Among other, research areas include: terrorism, conflict & peace studies. - Migration and security nexus - Preventing and countering radicalisation and violent extremism - Social inclusion & integration - Countering terrorism - Conflict prevention and peacebuilding

International Organisation for Human Values

The organisation targets building sustainable and inclusive peace by promoting the development of human values in both the individual and societies on a global scale. They use a human-centred approach lends itself to working across sectors and populations, including international organisations (UN, EU, World Bank), governments, managers and CEO's, social and community workers, women's groups, religious leaders, refugees, victims of violence, youth, terrorists and rebels, prisoners and children, and differing religious, ethnic and social communities.Besides other activities, they run several programs in relation to prevention of violent extremism: "Preventing & Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE)", "Youth Leadership Peacebuilding Training, (YLPT)", "Rehabilitation & Reintegration of Ex-Combatants (REX)", "Healing, Resilience and Empowerment (HRE)".

Belgian Francophone Association of Political Science

The association's main objective is the development of political science, and more specifically: - the representation of political science of the French Community of Belgium; - cooperation between universities and research centres; - promoting the scientific and professional interests of teachers and researchers; - coordination of access to public and private, community, regional, federal, European and international resources likely to favour the research and development of political science; - the organisation of working groups on subjects of common interest and various scientific events such as seminars or symposia; - the production and dissemination of publications, including a newsletter for the attention of its members; - the preparation and maintenance of a file of teachers and researchers in political science in the French Community of Belgium. - The organisation is following up on the debates on radicalisation in Belgium and the EU. It organises various academic events and workshops on the subject in question.


BePax is a Christian-based, continuing education association that networks the issues of peace and justice in order to act in a dynamic of reconciliation. BePax is the French-speaking Belgian section of Pax Christi International. In relation to radicalisation, the work of the network is organised through the working groups on "Racism and Discrimination" and "Islamophobia".

El Kalima

El Kalima Center is a Christian association that promotes and deepens relations and facilitates a dialogue between Christians and Muslims. It organizes group activities, conferences, interreligious meetings in order to improve the mutual knowledge of different cultures, traditions and religions. The Center holds a public library of more than 4,000 books and deals particularly with six important areas of dialogue: accompaniment of local relations between Christian and Muslim communities, teaching, animation, information, mixed couples and health sector.


Founded in Brussels in 1983, CEPS is a leading ​think tank and ​forum for debate on EU affairs,​ with an exceptionally strong in-house research capacity​ and an extensive network of partner institutes throughout the world. CEPS is a non-profit international association under Belgian law (AISBL). The organisation works around several thematic areas, including terrorism and crime, where the issues of radicalisation are taken up in the framework of analysis of various terrorist attacks.

European Organisation for Security

The European Organisation for Security (EOS) is the voice of the European security industry and research community. Operating in 15 different countries, EOS Members provide security research, solutions and services across many security domains, including border, cyber, transport and crisis management.

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