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European DERAD Toolkit

DERAD is a European Project that aims to prevent the escalation of radicalization in the prison environment and help prisoners and probationers who are often exposed to Jihadist recruitment or self-radicalization to overcome the different problems and push factors usually exploited by recruiters, aspects that DERAD project aims to approach.

As part of the major and sustainable outcomes of the DERAD project, a toolkit with different elements and target groups was developed. The concept for the toolkit derives from the work that was done in the previous WPs 1, 2 and 3, and they also integrate content that was collected or produced in the first project period.

As the general approach for the development of the toolkit, a coordinated and lean programming approach was chosen. The toolkit is managed through a common interface and a database, which allows the integration of new content as well as service new modules and functionalities into the HERMES platforms.

The toolkit aims at providing services and support for judicial staff, law enforcement agencies and practitioners by implementing as main modules as National Experts Navigator, Training Modules, Special Learning Package on FDs 909/829/947 and Information and Guidelines.


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