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Train of Trainers: Radicalisation and polarization among young people (Italy)

5th September 2020
29th November 2020
Skill level

Polarization is both a mental construct and a multidimensional phenomenon generated by the inability of multi-variable social actors to properly address sensitive issues in the public space like those motivated by cultural, economic and political discourses, narratives within the current migration context, hate speech (off and online), radicalization, violence or crime among others. This complex disruptive phenomenon may be produced by a large variety of social actors, like social-sub groups (minorities, communities, excluded entities), political activists opposing the governing institutions, or even public institutions and mainstreaming parties, which react irrationally and in a disproportionate matter to provocations or legitimate grievances. The final result of an improper management of these dialectics may be the disruption of the socio-political cohesion within the social fabric.

The Train the Trainer will assist first-line practitioners and civil society organizations to improve their knowledge of best practices in addressing radicalization and polarization among young people and help them efficiently employ experimental laboratories to improve their work in this field.


Better understanding and using existing best practices in the field of countering extremist ideologies and polarization among young people.



VIA ARENULA 70 0018 Roma Italy
  • Radicalisation prevention
  • Countering violent extremism
Languages Italian
Evaluation Final exam
Target Audience
  • Methods for Reflection
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