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Project summary


Analyzing and Preventing Extremism Via Participation

Duration 36 months
GA Number 962547
Topic ID SU-GOVERNANCE-09-2020 – Addressing radicalization through social inclusion
Funding Scheme HORIZON 2020
Project Type RIA

PARTICIPATION is a Horizon 2020 funded project aimed at preventing extremism, radicalization and polarization that can lead to violence through more effective social and education policies and interventions. The project offers a holistic approach towards extremism and radicalization in order to capture and explore contemporary experiences of extremism and radicalization and proposes concrete actions, policies, and digital tools that will empower policy actors and practitioners to respond to a changing reality.

The project’s main topics are also violence, conflict and conflict resolution, transformation of societies, democratization, and social movements.

Participation will:

  • Define new research methods based on participatory fieldwork and a mixed method approach
  • Identify future perspectives and trends of hate speech, extremism and radicalization
  • Develop innovative communicative tools, educational approaches and community-based strategies
  • Improve the awareness of young people and communities
  • Collect data and developing a set of indicators
  • Developing policy recommendations with the participation of researchers, stakeholders, practitioners and social actors



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Explore engaging participation videos on the First Line Practitioners platform’s video module page. Dive into insightful content from the Participation Project at and enhance your understanding of important societal issues.


Unlock powerful tools from the Participation Project: a Google plugin for detecting propaganda in text, ensuring content integrity. Additionally, leverage the “Intelligent Engine” tool to monitor Twitter trends, providing a comprehensive view of both right-wing and left-wing movements, fostering informed discussions.


Discover the Prevention tool database of the PARTCIPATION project, containing a filterable overview of useful methodologies and database for educators, first line practitioners and others researching on or addressing radicalisation and propaganda.