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Welcome to the PARTICIPATION Tools!

The overarching objective of the H2020 funded Participation project is to identify future perspectives and trends of polarisation, extremism and radicalisation as well as the social composition of vulnerable groups in Europe.

In order to support practitioners and researchers in this endeavour the project has developed two distinctive tools: the Participation Intelligent Engine and the Extremism & Radicalization Analysis Tool, both focused on the analysis of radicalization trends, the detection of propaganda and the evaluation of counter-narrative campaigns.

If you would like to learn more about the Participation project you may find further information in our About Section.


Unlock powerful tools from the Participation Project: a Google plugin for detecting propaganda in text, ensuring content integrity. Additionally, leverage the “Intelligent Engine” tool to monitor Twitter trends, providing a comprehensive view of both right-wing and left-wing movements, fostering informed discussions.

PARTICIPATION Intelligent Engine

Based on the expertise of the H2020 funded Trivalent project (Trivalent, 2020), the Participation project has developed an intelligent engine, which provides an updated overview of radicalization trends. The intelligent engine can hereby also be used to monitor and evaluate counter-narrative campaigns.

For this, the project has analysed four typologies of violent extremism: far-right, far-left, separatist, and religious extremism, with the aim to analyse and compare the radical and extremist narratives of these selected ideologies.

Participation`s Intelligent engine provides a SPARQL endpoint to perform complex semantic queries and a dashboard to visualize the results.

If you are interested in the development process of this tool as well as on different use-cases on how to integrate the Monitoring tool in your research or practice you may find further information in this report.

If you want to use Participation´s monitoring tool; you can access it via the buttons below.

Extremism & Radicalization Analysis Tool

Participation´s Extremism and Radicalisation analysis Tool provides practitioners with a simple way to instantly detect propaganda in text format on any web page.

The results can then be visualised using charts, while dynamic colour styling of texts enables practitioners to quickly identify relevant sentences or phrases in selected sections of the website or text in question.

Moreover, practitioners can customize the experience and use the different plugins available to obtain a wide range of insights.

If you are interested you may add the Extremism and Radicalisation Analysis tool as chrome plugin by clicking on the button below.