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Preventing and Countering the Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes

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About This Course
The notion of preventing and countering the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes refers to a significant challenge for democratic societies in recent years.

In order to prevent and counter use of the Internet and new technologies for terrorist purposes, we need to become familiar with their target audiences, what platforms they use and how online platforms are instrumentalized to further their ends. This will lay the groundwork for a better understanding of how to effectively respond to these challenges.

This e-learning course will address these topics and will be divided into two modules. The first presents the state of play around violent extremist and terrorist use of the Internet, including causes, challenges and real-world examples. Drawing from the wealth of work and guidance that has been developed on this topic including the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum’s (GCTF) Zurich-London Recommendations for Preventing Violent Extremism Online, the second module looks at how to effectively respond to these challenges in a human rights compliant manner and will present practical guidance through the lens of concrete examples including regulation, oversight, communication responses and public-private partnerships.




Students do not need to have any special skills and knowledge on the topic before taking this course.

Amsterdam 1008 DG Amsterdam Netherlands

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  • Cyber security
  • Anti-corruption
  • Other
  • Radicalisation prevention
  • Countering violent extremism
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Target Audience
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Policy makers
  • Journalists
  • Case Study
  • Role-play
  • Simulation
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