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MINDb4ACT contributes to the improvement of the current counter-violent extremism policies (CVEs) in the countries represented in the consortium (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom), and to the generation of new counter-violent extremism policies exploring new insights and connecting to LEAs through collaboration ecosystems (= living labs, defined as innovative, open, participatory, user-centred environments).

The main goal is to deliver policy recommendations extracted from validated results obtained from 4 kinds of actions:

– research actions;

– exchanges among LEAs;

– strategic-policy exercises;

– training courses and pilot projects.

All actions are developed within the Living Labs to facilitate stable collaborations (“Knowledge Partnerships”) that improve current law enforcement techniques.

The actions are developed in 4 specific environments:

– prisons and judiciary system;

– schools and learning centres;

– local initiatives;

– Internet and media.

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