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NOTIONES celebrated its Third Workshop on 23rd of January 2024 in Madrid

On January 23, 2024, the NOTIONES project consortium conducted the third of five workshops planned during the project’s lifecycle. This event took place face-to-face in Madrid, Spain, as well as virtually via the MS Teams platform.

The workshop methodology was carefully designed to facilitate open discussions on selected topics related to the focus areas of the current working groups. These topics were identified as relevant by NOTIONES partners. During the workshop, two presentations were delivered, each related to a specific working group (WG):

  • Privacy-Enhancing Intelligence Cycle Processing Improvement (WG5):

The presentation for this topic was delivered by Alberto Berreteaga from TECNALIA. Alberto is the coordinator of the IDS Competence Center at TECNALIA and manages the R&D Lab at the DIGITAL unit’s cybersecurity group. His presentation focused on Data Spaces as a privacy-enhancing technology that facilitates secure data exchange while reinforcing privacy.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Intelligence (WG6):

The presenter for this topic was Leo Heng, the Chief Strategy Officer at Reaktor Defence & Security. Leo has extensive experience working on AI projects in the defence sector, hybrid warfare, and crisis management. His presentation provided a comprehensive exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the context of intelligence. The content was organized into several sections, covering various aspects of these technologies.

Following the presentations, a Question-and-Answer session allowed for further engagement with the audience. Participants were then divided into small co-creation groups, providing an opportunity for in-depth discussions on the topics. These conversations yielded valuable insights, which will inform future working group meetings and contribute to the ongoing progress of the project.

As the workshop concluded, action points were identified for consideration in the future stages of the NOTIONES project.

Author(s): Tecnalia

Keywords: workshop, event, data, privacy, AI, ML, NOTIONES, Working Group