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How cities can fight back against ransomware attacks

During the past year, ransomware gangs have shifted their focus towards cities and councils. An attack on Redcar council in North Yorkshire affected 135,000 people and reminded the UK as to how devastating ransomware attacks on city service providers can be.

DARE: Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality

The DARE consortium includes 17 members from 9 EU and 4 non-EU countries and is coordinated by the University of Manchester. DARE stands for DIALOGUE ABOUT RADICALISATION AND EQUALITY and is envisioned to be a four year project, financed under the EU´s H2020 program.  It aims to significantly increase understanding of why and how young

TAKEDOWN Policy recommendations

TAKEDOWN focussed on creating new insights on Organized Crime and Terrorist Networks (OC/TN) through quantitative and qualitative research as well as in-depth analysis. Furthermore, a multidimensional model for analysing cases and assessing risks was created, and the online platforms and have been developed. The TAKEDOWN policy recommendations are based on insights from the