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7 brand new Training of Trainers modules on Radicalization offered

The J-SAFE, MINDb4ACT and JPCOOPS projects are offering 7 novel training modules, with topics ranging from radicalization in prisons to schools and online.

The European projects J-SAFE, MINDb4ACT and JPCOOPS  started to recruit professionals from 26 European Countries to participate in the courses on preventing radicalization. Travel and accommodations will be covered by the project.

The idea for this initiative was born after the experience with more than 3000 European professionals who joined the DERAD and TRAINING AID projects (projects co-funded by the DG Justice and the DG Home Affairs of the European Commission).

During 2017 and 2018 four pilot trainings were organized in Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania and Latvia with more than fifty experts coming in from 26 European countries in order to offer a training course on Preventing Radicalization that was as close as possible to the real needs of prison and probation officers, law enforcement agencies and judicial staff.

This effort brought to DERAD the satisfaction of being recognized as a best practice by the Council of Europe in September 2018.


J-SAFE, MINDb4ACT and JPCOOPS will now carry the torch and expand the training offer with 7 brand new modules.

  1. Radicalization as a Relational Phenomenon – To understand the complexity of radical phenomena through a multi-disciplinary approach at EU-level.
  2. Radicalization in Prison – To develop advanced and specialized competencies and abilities for LEAs, judges, prosecutors, Intel Agencies. Lawyers and vetted NGOs working in CT/CVE to identify different types of information within radical mechanisms, classify and transmit it within the procedural justice framework at MS and EU levels as part of the counter-radicalization measures.
  3. Basics of Digital Forensics for the Prevention of Radicalisation and Prosecution of Terrorism – To develop basic competences to identify illegitimate mobile device within prisons and access data in line with the national practices and legislations.
  4. Radicalisation in School and Online – To develop knowledge on youth radicalisation and first prevention tools.
  5. Early Intervention and Awareness at Local Level – To sensibilise first-line practitioners at the local level on the phenomenon of radicalization.
  6. Legal Aspects of Preventive Procedures and Agency Attributions – To differentiate procedures, their applicability and agency attributions.
  7. Exit Strategies – To develop knowledge on the new models of exist strategies applied in several EU countries in case of radicalisation, with a specific focus on the transition from the prison to the external life.

Here you can find the dates and locations for the Training of Trainers:


  • Training of Trainers in Rovigo, Italy – 23-27 March 2020
  • Training of Trainers in Munich, Germany – 20-24 April 2020
  • Training of Trainers in Madrid, Spain – 21-23 April 2020
  • Training of Trainers in Sofia, Bulgaria – 11-15 May 2020
  • Training of Trainers in Malta – 18-22 May 2020

If you want to participate or for more information, you can visit or write to