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Virtual Conference: Radicalisation in Central and Eastern Europe

Trends, challenges and opportunities to counteract

RADPol2020 conference “Radicalisation in Central and Eastern Europe – trends, challenges and opportunities to counteract”, is a joint initiative of three European projects MINDb4ACT, CHAMPIONs and BRAVE funded under the H2020 and ISF-P European Commission Programmes. The main organiser is the Polish Platform for Homeland Security – Partner of the MINDb4ACT project, while the Department of Education and Science of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznan is a co-organizer of the conference.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak the conference will be held as online formula, namely three live webinars and four experts’ panels will take place on 18th June 2020; 25th June 2020 and 2nd July 2020. Please save these three Thursdays with RADPol!

The conference aims to continue a dialogue on trends in various forms of radicalisation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the challenges they bring. The goal is also to exchange experiences, good practices in counteracting this phenomenon, present the latest research results and the essence of multi-agency cooperation in this field.

The conference is addressed to a wide range of practitioners involved in monitoring, preventing and counteracting radicalisation at various levels throughout Europe – Law Enforcement Agencies, local and central administration, policymakers, public institutions (e.g. social welfare, courts, probation office), researchers, the non-governmental sector and other entities interested in this topic, such as partners of international projects in this field.

The detailed formula of the RADPol event consists of three webinars and four experts’ panels:

1. Webinar 1: Research Day – “Towards Evidence-Based Practice and Policy: What research projects offer to practitioners in the field of preventing radicalisation” – 18th June 2020; time 10:00-11:30 CEST

This webinar will focus on practical presentation of the results of MINDb4ACT, CHAMPIONs and BRAVE projects. The aim is to highlight the results from research that can support improving practice and policy in the field of preventing radicalisation.

2. Webinar 2: Policy Event – “Sharing the insights on Central and Eastern Europe approaches in radicalisation and violent extremism” – 25th June 2020; time: 10:00-12:35 CEST

A high-level policy event with the participation of experts, which will be aimed at sharing insights and experiences as well as forms of counteracting the phenomenon of radicalisation, with particular emphasis on Central and Eastern European countries. During this webinar, discussions will focus on trends, challenges and the latest research results in this area within two experts’ panels:

  • Experts Panel I: Current trends on radicalisation in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Experts Panel II: Right-wing extremism in Central and Eastern Europe – context, challenges, latest research results and best practices.

3. Webinar 3: Policy Event – Doing it Better “Improving Policy and Practice tackling Radicalisation and Violent Extremism in Central and Eastern Europe” – 2nd July 2020; time: 10:00-12:25 CEST

During this webinar, speakers will talk about the importance and good practices of multi-stakeholder collaboration in counteracting radicalisation, as well as on the gender role in the context of extremism. The webinar will consist of two expert panels:

  • Experts Panel III: Multi-agency approach and joint-action initiatives to tackling radicalisation/violent extremism: success stories and good practices.
  • Expert Panel IV: Gender beyond not religiously motivated extremism.

*The conference program will be updated on a regular basis


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