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Improving radicalisation mitigation together with migrant communities

Finding new ways for combining different practices of radicalisation mitigation.

The Bavarian pilot aims at identifying the latest developments in programs that are in the field of prevention of extremism at all levels through the actors in this field. The main focus is on migration and radicalisation. The actors can be governmental bodies such as the center of prevention of extremism or voluntary bodies like NGO’s or even ministries concerned (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior or Ministry for Family and social issues).

Before the pilot there are several interviews with different stakeholders to obtain the current state of the art. The pilot event will be held in October with the participation with the relevant stakeholders. It will try to find ways to get access to good practices on a local level and also to elaborate on how the risk of radicalisation can be mitigated. Another goal is the finding of ways to combine different practices and to use the pilot as a starting platform for the stakeholders to communicate their experience among each other to optimise their success. Furthermore, there will be a risk assessment involvement also with the goal of mitigation the risk by identifying factors that are able to ease radicalisation. Therefore, current data on a local and a regional level will be analysed.

The results of the pilot event will be distributed among the participants and feedback requested. A management version will be shared via the MINDb4ACT platform.

This pilot project will be implemented in Germany, under the lead of the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Legal Affairs in Bavaria – Police Affairs