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MINDb4ACT: Critical Technologies and Social Innovation Schemes Report

This report, which was produced in the H2020-project MINDb4ACT, focuses on critical technologies and social innovative solutions. At the end of the report, the list of the critical technologies (Annex 2), the list of Innovative social initiatives (Annex 3), the critical technologies SWOT analysis (Annex 4) and the social innovations SWOT analysis (Annex 5) can be found.

The partners who collected the needed information and filled in the excel sheets were the following:

  • SYNYO: Austrian enterprise focused on research, innovation and technology,
  • ELCANO: Spanish think tank specialized in international and strategic studies conducted from a Spanish, European and global perspective,
  • CENTRIC: UK multi-disciplinary and end-user focused center of excellence, located within Sheffield Hallam University,
  • GUCI: Spanish Civil Guard, which is the oldest law enforcement agency covering the entire country and
  • EOS (leading the Deliverable): European organization for security, representing the voice of the European security industry and research community.

The Critical Technologies and Social Innovation Schemes Report maps the current and future application of technologies and social innovations, and will ultimately contribute to fostering “Knowledge Partnerships” through participation and civic engagement. The key issue of the paper is to analyse the current trends in technology and how they can be adapted to the real needs of the LEAs.

ACCESS THE REPORT HERE: D6.1_CriticalTechnologiesSocialInnovationSchemes