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Policy Report: Preventing Violent Extremism – Current Debates in Europe

The Policy Report “Preventing violent extremism: Current debates in Europe” contributes to the improvement of the European system for preventing violent radicalisation, and also, on the global level, to provide a series of actionable recommendations directed not just at policy makers but also at practitioners and stakeholders. These are based on the research and practical experience of the contributing authors, who belong to think tanks and to organisations with extensive experience in their respective fields of research and intervention.

  • The contribution by Jean Luc Marret (Fondátion pour la Resérche Stratégique) focuses on the interdependence, broadly considered, between the policy-making level and research on P/CVE. To that end, the author combines concrete examples from practice and ‘public policy theory’.
  • The chapter by Elodie Rouge (European Organisation for Security) puts the focus on public-private partnerships (PPP) between policymakers (governments or EU agencies) and private technological companies working in P/CVE. In this particular case, a PPP is justified by the complexity of the task, which requires the use of state-of-the-art technological solutions, as the author argues
  • The third contribution, by Nicoletta Gallori (AGENFOR), focuses on training frontline practitioners.

The last two papers refer to cross-cutting aspects in efforts to prevent violent radicalisation:

  • Yvonne Reif (Women Without Borders), argues in her article for policies and programs grounded in a gendered and human-rights based model. The paper highlights a number of considerations and perspectives in the P/CVE space with a gendered lens, with practical recommendations for the inclusion of this perspective.
  • Álvaro Vicente and Carola García-Calvo (Elcano Royal Institute) propose the need to create a true culture of evaluation in P/CVE with standards comparable to those that exist in other spheres where public-private partnerships have also arisen.

The Policy Report was created as part of the H2020 project MINDb4ACT, the editing was coordinated by Carola García-Calvo.

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