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Sharing Insights from the H2020 PARTICIPATION Project (Part: 3)

Insights from the H2020 PARTICIPATION Project

The research carried out for Deliverable 4.6 of the PARTICIPATION project was aimed at structuring an effective methodology for designing counter-messaging (CM) campaigns specifically targeting young people. This activity has been implemented by collecting and summarising some of the most relevant practices and theories for those who intend to implement interventions against radicalisation and social polarisation.

The presented methodology could be potentially useful for a varied audience of users. At first, it is aimed at first-line practitioners such as professionals working in educational institutions, juvenile systems, youth and social care, and individuals working with youth on a long-term basis, who need a practical tool to support the work of prevention and countering of radicalisation and social polarisation. Secondly, it is also aimed at policy-makers – especially at the community/city level – but also those categories of professionals who may be interested in some aspects of the theoretical frameworks that underpin these types of prevention and contrast interventions.

Three different types of sources were used to assemble this methodology for the counter-messaging campaign, which includes both counter-narratives and alternative narratives:

  • The work done during the PARTICIPATION project, also thanks to the work carried out on the ground through the Social Labs method.
  • Existing counter-messaging campaigns. Their outputs and results have been collected, screened, selected and analysed to extract insights relevant to the methodology.
  • Academic and grey literature relevant to the topics covered.

Findings were reviewed and validated by external experts.

In order to make the summary of the results more readable for users, a short PowerPoint Presentation is provided below:

AUTHOR: Davide Lauretta (EFD)