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White Book on Strategies for Countering Violent Extremism

The White Book on CVEs is a collection of policy papers that maps current European preventing and countering violent extremism strategies (P/CVEs) with the aim of advising multi-layered stakeholders and re-orienteering existing approaches based on the best empirical evidence available.

The content of this publication is the result of approximately two years of research activity carried out within the H2020 project MINDb4ACT. The main project’s findings have been extracted and interpreted in order to provide the research community, policy-makers, first-line practitioners and industry with practical recommendations concerning P/CVE practices, programmes and methods.

This book was edited following a two-fold methodology. On the one hand, a set of research questions raised from the interaction and research activity with the project’s targeting audience was settled and guided the elaboration of papers. Specifically, reports focused on the new research agenda on radicalisation, the use of technology and innovation to fight against violent radicalisation, and ways to improve the integration of counter-radicalisation policies and practices in the security and ethical context. On the other hand, given the practical orientation of MINDb4ACT, chapters reflect on policy recommendations for the European Union and Member States at a strategic, policy, coordination and practical level. Such a methodological approach drove the editor, the European Organisation for Security, to create a two-chapter book, separating publications referring to the European level and National level, reaching a total of 17 policy papers.