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Registration: open Abstract: The goal of the 3rd NOTIONES conference is to delve into privacy considerations within the intelligence and security domain, exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and safeguarding sensitive information. In particular, Artificial Intelligence and data privacy related challenges and technological tools will be discussed. We invite practitioners, policy makers, academia and industry

Interview with Zanasi & Partners

Zanasi & Partners is a partner in the NOTIONES project. What is your role within this network of intelligence  and security practitioners across and beyond Europe? The primary role of Zanasi & Partners (Z&P) in NOTIONES is related to the Scientific and Technical Coordination of the project. We supervise all the project’s activities and we

Introducing the NOTIONES Whitepaper on Intelligence Ethics

This white paper presents a literature review about ethical approaches in Intelligence, provides a legislative frame considering functional guarantees in selected EU countries and the National security exceptionalism, and proposes considerations and recommendations to the Intelligence community.

Sharing Insights from the H2020 PARTICIPATION Project (Part: 3)

The research carried out for Deliverable 4.6 of the PARTICIPATION project was aimed at structuring an effective methodology for designing counter-messaging (CM) campaigns specifically targeting young people. This activity has been implemented by collecting and summarising some of the most relevant practices and theories for those who intend to implement interventions against radicalisation and social

PARTICIPATION Building resilience and prevention in Schools

During their adolescent years, young people are in the process of learning and exploring different worldviews. It is a time in their life’s that is often characterised by uncertainties, fears and guilt, that can be exploited by extremist individuals and organisations. Against this backdrop, building resilience and preventing violence in the school environment is a crucial aspect when it comes to reducing the vulnerability of young people to radicalisation, violent extremism, and their underlying narratives.

PARTICIPATION Social Labs: A Shared Participatory Methodology for Fieldwork

Social address complex social challenges and offer a real-life environment in which to explore problem based solutions. They have an orientation to action, involving interventions, or socalled “pilot actions”, which need to be developed, tested and applied. In this article, we discuss the design and implementation of social labs in the context of the Analysing and Preventing Extremism via Participation project.