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PARTICIPATION Contrasting extremism and radicalisation in a syndemic society

The PARTICIPATION project has conducted papers on extremism in the course of its implementation. The current paper offers recommendations on the necessity to transform current P/CVE policies.

This article aims to make recommendations on the necessity to transform current P/CVE policies, emphasizing the importance of a more effective involvement of Politics to contrast the spread of extremism and radicalisation in Europe. In fact, in a syndemic and post-Caliphate world, problems and challenges toward political violence are more and more institutional, systemic, and political.

According to the first HORIZON2020 PARTICIPATION PROJECT’s results, the crisis of participation and the crisis of integration are closely linked to current extremism and radicalisation processes; at the same time, fragmentation, interrelation between different kind of extremism and hybridisation, request a new approach that involve, in a more effective way, civil society and political society to contrast extremism, radicalisation and terrorism.







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