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Radicalisation, violent extremism and (organized) crime are highly complex phenomena. Experts can support first-line-practitioners by creating the link to research, by highlighting international good-practices, by assessing the risk of a current case.

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Florian Huber

Florian Huber is a Research Manager at SYNYO GmbH. He coordinates/coordinated...

Miryana Ilcheva

I am a fundamental rights and criminal justice researcher, working as a Senior...

Javier Ruiperez

Researchers and projects department manager at the Euro-Arab Foundation.

Nicholas Krohley

Dr. Krohley is an applied social scientist, and the Founder of FrontLine...

Roberto Muelas Lobato
Muelas Lobato

Doctor in Social Psychology from the University of Granada. Currently, finishing...

Salvador Berdun Carrion
Berdun Carrion

Prison Officer and a Law Graduate of the University of Granada (1994). Academic...

Lucas J. Ruiz Díaz
Ruiz Díaz

Lucas J. Ruiz has a sound knowledge of European Union’s affairs and Law, in...

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