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New Policy Brief by ICCT: Right-Wing Extremists’ Persistent Online Presence

History and Contemporary Trends

See the new ICCT Policy Brief by Maura Conway, Ryan Scrivens, Logan Macnair (ICCT)

“This policy brief traces how Western right-wing extremists have exploited the power of the internet from early dial-up bulletin board systems to contemporary social media and messaging apps. It demonstrates how the extreme right has been quick to adopt a variety of emerging online tools, not only to connect with the like-minded, but to radicalise some audiences while intimidating others, and ultimately to recruit new members, some of whom have engaged in hate crimes and/or terrorism. Highlighted throughout is the fast pace of change of both the internet and its associated platforms and technologies, on the one hand, and the extreme right, on the other, as well as how these have interacted and evolved over time. Underlined too is the persistence, despite these changes, of right-wing extremists’ online presence, which poses challenges for effectively responding to this activity moving forward.”

Link to the Policy Brief