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Mosaic Germany (Mosaik Deutschland)

The project ""Quwwa – Stärke statt Sprachlosigkeit"" is operated by the NGO ""Mosaik Deutschland"". Quwwa – that means ' strength ' in Arabic. Strengthening is to be experienced in Heidelberg schools. The Quwwa project will help them prevent radicalisation. Quwwa wants educators to: • raise awareness of the life-worldly experiences of young people from Muslim socialisation contexts and the anti-democratic tendencies of Salafism • Inform about the actors and attractiveness potential of the Salafist movement • Enable sentencing certainty with regard to radicalisation • Strengthen your responsiveness and action skills in everyday practical handling of the topic Quwwa wants Heidelberg students: • raise awareness of the human and democratic dimensions of extremist ideologies such as Salafism • in the acquisition of liberal and democratic values.


"insideoutnow" offers an open specialist and counselling centre for extremism. The offer ranges from advising professionals, specialist lectures, further training (including mentoring training) to concrete workshop offers and programme offers for children and young people (with the aim of communicating awareness in an age-appropriate way).

Society Democratic Culture (ZDK) Zentrum Demokratische Kultur

The ZDK (Society Democratic Culture) is an institution that works nationwide for the fundamental values of freedom and dignity. The initiatives of the ZDK serve to educate and protect against violence and extremism. The institution deals with anti-freedom and radical ideological movements, such as right-wing radicalism and Islamism, as well as the anti-freedom left radicalism.

La Red e.V.

La Red e. V. is an association in Berlin with the aim to support migrants in Berlin on their arrival in Germany and in their professional and social integration. By faster and better integration radicalization potentials should be minimized. The activities and projects of La Red cover many areas of society that are relevant to the integration of new immigrants, in particular civil society engagement, work, environmental protection, culture and the media. The team at La Red consists of Spanish and German professionals with many years of experience in integration, training and research.

Women without Borders (Frauen ohne Grenzen)

Women without Borders, an international NGO based in Vienna, has ten years ago the unique model of MotherSchools: Parenting for Peace! which has so far been implemented in eleven countries worldwide and has reached over 2,500 mothers. With the MotherSchools model, Women Without Borders has developed a unique concept that empowers mothers with appropriate training to competently address their children, listen to them and provide alternatives to counteract violent extremism - a safety concept that begins at home. The MotherSchools model provides a platform for mothers to break down individual and social barriers, address the extremism taboo, and improve their understanding of radicalization early warning signals. The MotherSchools enable the development of common strategies to counteract radical influences on children, families and entire communities.

Muslim Pastoral Care Augsburg (MUSA)

The project "MUSA - Muslim Pastoral Care Augsburg" aims to provide support for Muslims in difficult life situations, which is often lost through the transformation of traditional structures - regardless of gender, age or origin. Qualified and comprehensive offers should also prevent Salafist propaganda and agitation.

Dropouts Aid Law (AussteigerhilfeRechts)

The "AussteigerhilfeRechts" offers process-oriented support for members of the right-wing extremist scene. The program is part of the Lower Saxony State Prevention Council's concept for the prevention of right-wing extremism. It helps with ending right-wing extremist careers and hopes to contribute to preventing crimes from the right-wing extremist field through relapse prevention. It adresses everyone who wants to get out of the right-wing extrtemist scene; regardless of whether they have already made a criminal appearance or not. The exit process is accompanied by competent social workers who mentor, advise, and support. It comprises: • Reduction of effects of social dependencies on the right-wing extremist scene • A comprehensive revision and reorientation of biographical perspectives The exit process aims at: • Ideological and social distancing from the right-wing extremist scene • Reintegrating the dropout into society • Empowering the dropout to live a self-determined life in a pluralistic and democratic society For the program, ideological reappraisal does not mean replacing an undesirable worldview with another, predetermined worldview; it means to comprehend the biography of each dropout individually, to identify individual factors of attraction which have favoured the entry into the scene, and to work out ways of either neutralizing these factors or substituting them in a socially adequate way outside the scene--without having to adopt another ideology.

Network Social Cohesion for Dialogue, Extremism Prevention and Democracy (DERAD) (Netzwerk sozialer Zusammenhalt für Dialog, Extremismusprävention und Demokratie)

The network DERAD is an initiative of practitioners in social and youth work, political scientists, Islam scientists, and pedagogical experts conducting intervention talks with affected persons in the field of extremism. In Austria DERAD is responsible for the care of detainees and is involved in training for police and the penitentiary system. In addition, DERAD offers relevant courses and training on extremism and radicalization at universities, in schools and in youth centres. DERAD is also a member of RAN Radicalization Awareness Network.

Contact Point for Extremism Prevention and Deradicalisation (IGGÖ) (Kontaktstelle für Extremismusprävention und Deradikalisierung)

The official deradicalisation office of the IGGÖ started its work on 1.1.2018, with an offensive strategy to oppose all forms of extremism. The contact point works with religious educators, social workers, Islamic scholars, psychologists, imams, political scientists and other experts. The offer includes training, seminars, lectures and consultations for public and private institutions.

The Vienna Children and Youth Advocates' Office (KIJA)

The Vienna Children and Youth Advocates' Office (KIJA) is an Ombudsperson's Office and an independent institution of the City of Vienna, which advocates for the interests of children and young people.

Civil Courage and Anti-Racism Work (ZARA) (Zivilcourage & Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit)

The NGO ZARA (German acronym of “Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit”, “Civil Courage and Anti-Racism Work” was founded in 1999, and aims at combating racism, promoting civil courage, and taking a positive approach to cultural diversity. Every year more than 2,000 victims and witnesses of racism receive legal support at ZARA’s counselling centre. The advice is free, the advisory team consists of legally and socially trained consultants. In addition ZARA offers trainings courses, workshops and projects in the areas of diversity, awareness raising, anti-racism and moral courage throughout Austria

Extremism prevention center Styria (Extremismus Präventionsstelle Steiermark)

The aim of the extremism prevention center Styria "next - no to extremism" is the bundling and networking of existing projects against extremism. The platform was presented as a joint initiative of the Province of Styria and the city of Graz in November 2018 and comprises experts from a wide range of areas and fields of activity, such as security, prison, youth and social work, education, religion, community work and science. This body will subsequently present recommendations and measures for the prevention of extremism in Styria. “next – no to extremism” is affiliated to the Anti - Discrimination Section of Styria.

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