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Club Restart (Verein Neustart)

Neustart offers resocialization assistance for offenders, support for victims and prevention with the main of reducing crime in society and helping to reintegrate perpetrators into society through social work support.


Stopline is the Austrian Report Centre against Child Sexual Abuse Material and National Socialism on the internet. Anyone who encounters websites showing illegal material of this nature can contact Stopline. Easily and anonymously, with a minimum of bureaucracy.

Association for the Promotion of Gender-Sensitive Boys' Work in Education (Poika)

The association poika (Association for the promotion of gender-sensitive boys' work in education) was founded in autumn 2008. "Poika" comes from the Finnish language and means both boy and son. Poika stands for the confrontation with the male development and the accompanying socialization as boy, son and a possible paternity.

Tolerance Pro-Association for Education and "Culture" Tolerance (Toleranz pro-Verein für Bildung, Erziehung und "Kultur" Toleranz)

The NGO based in Vienna focuses on preventive measures, leisure activities (lectures, events and workshops on integration and non-violence, history and traditions of Austria), the prevention of radicalization among Chechen adolescents, on bridging the Chechen community (Council of Chechens) and Austrian institutions, and on media work on the objective presentation of the Chechen community

Council on line (Rat auf Draht)

The emergency number 147 Rat auf Draht has been providing an important contact point since 1987 for problems, questions and crisis situations for children, adolescents and their caregivers.

Orientexpress Advisory, Education and Culture Initiative for Women (Orientexpress Beratungs, Bildungs und Kulturinitiative für Frauen)

Orient Express is a non-profit and independent association that operates a women's counselling centre and a learning centre. The association advises and supports migrant women in problems in family and partnership, in cases of violence and abuse, forced marriage, genital mutilation and generational conflicts. These issues, in consequence, raise questions in residence law, labour law, social law as well as health.

Muslim Youth Austria (Muslimische Jugend Österreich)

The Muslim Youth Austria is a member of the Austrian Federal Youth Council (BJV) and is supported by the Federal Ministry for Women, Families and Youth. The MJOE is a German-speaking independent youth organisation of Muslims in the second and third generation in Austria with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Leisure activities and youth development are the core tasks of the MJOE.

Mauthausen Committee Austria (Mauthausen Komitee Österreich)

The association works against all types of fascism, racism, neo-Nazism, chauvinism and anti-Semitism and has its origins in the association "Mauthausen Aktiv Upper Austria", which has spent decades commemorating the Holocaust from Upper Austria. The association’s focus of commitment is on youth work.

Institute for Social Services (Ifs) (Institut für Sozialdienste)

The institute for social services (ifs) is an institution of free welfare with an interprofessional team of social workers, psychologists, marriage guidance counsellors, educators, doctors, lawyers and interpreters Ifs also provides its own contact point for extremism prevention, which is available to concerned relatives or teachers.

Peace Office Salzburg (Friedensbüro Salzburg)

The Peace Bureau develops numerous educational services on violence prevention, civil conflict transformation and political education and is the contact point for people who are committed to social and global peace. The Peace Bureau addresses current issues, which are handled in close cooperation with social, cultural and educational institutions, authorities and NGOs, especially at regional and local level.

Centre for Politics Learning at School (Zentrum Polis) (Politik Lernen in der Schule)

Zentrum polis is the central service facility for political education in schools and works on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Research. Zentrum polis supports a competence-oriented instruction and a targeted implementation of political education with its offers for educators which comprise teaching materials, trainings and workshops for teachers, organisation of events, etc

Erinnern (The Institute for Holocaust Education of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research) (BMBWF) is the Institute for Holocaust Education of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and promotes the transfer of historical and methodical-didactic knowledge as well as the reflection of its significance for the present. The work of includes teacher training on the topics of the Holocaust, National Socialism and Anti-Semitism as well as racism. In addition, teaching materials and learning websites are being developed for these topics.

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