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Education Boundless (Bildung Grenzenlos)

Bildung Grenzenlos is a private non-partisan initiative whose goal is to work for more openness, objectivity and innovation in the Austrian education system in order to meet the current challenges and to reach equal chances for all children in Austria.

The Austrian Center for the Advancement of Psychological Health in Schools (ÖZPGS) (Österreichische Zentrum für psychologische Gesundheitsförderung im Schulbereich)

The Austrian Center for the Advancement of Psychological Health in Schools (ÖZPGS) aims to fulfil public interest tasks in the field of psychological health promotion, in close coordination and cooperation with other public services in the school sector, in particular school psychology educational counselling.

The action against anti-Semitism in Austria (Gegen den Antisemitismus)

The action against anti-Semitism in Austria was founded in 1955 as an independent, non-partisan association, which has set itself the task of responding to anti-Semitic statements and events through events, press releases and publications. In addition, broad awareness-raising work is intended to sharpen critical awareness of all forms of hatred of the Jews.

Documentation Archive of Austrian Resistance (DÖW) (Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes)

Founded in 1963 by former resistance fighters and committed scientists, DOEW has been a foundation since 1983, supported by the Republic of Austria, the City of Vienna and the Verein Dokumentationsarchiv. Main topics: Resistance and persecution, Holocaust, Roma and Sinti, exile, medicine and biopolitics under National Socialism, Nazi and postwar justice, right-wing extremism after 1945, restitution and compensation after 1945. Main activities: Collection, archiving and scientific evaluation of relevant topics. Archive and library operation with counselling and support activities for students, journalists and the like a. Mediation of historical content especially for young people and pupils, but also in the field of adult education (creation of teaching materials, exhibitions, guided tours, etc.).

Turn (Association for Violence and Extremism Prevention)

"Turn - Association for Violence and Extremism Prevention" was founded with the purpose to develop authentic alternative narratives for the propaganda of folk-nationalistic, Islamist-jihadist movements and to use them in prevention work online and offline.

ending the harm

Northern Ireland Executive Tackling Paramilitarism Programme. Links to Fresh Start Action Plan that sets out whole system approach to tackling paramilitarism and its effects on community cohesion & safety.

Violence Reduction Unit

Scottish police - Government unit that tackles violence by working with partners to achieve long-term societal and attitudinal change. The website contains details of ongoing projects and resources

Safeguarding Board

Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland (SBNI) is a partnership of statutory, community and voluntary sectors to work to prevent children from being exploited. The website contains resources available.

Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict

A multidisciplinary research centre applying research methods from cognitive & behavioural sciences in collaboration with the policy community to better understand politically motivated violence.

Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation

Independent Reviewer examines & reports annually on UK use of terrorist legislation with recommendations.

Community Relations Council

CRC set up to lead & support change towards reconciliation, tolerance & mutual trust. CRC works to identify & develop effective approaches to peace-building & reconciliation in partnership. The website contains articles on their work & publications.

Radicalisation Research

The aim is to provide policymakers, journalists & anyone who work utilises concepts of radicalisation, fundamentalism or extremism with academic research. Website is linked to CREST.

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