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Train the Trainer Course: Preventing Youth Radicalisation

The project ARMOUR aims to support first line practitioners, parents and policy makers to help prevent radicalisation among youths. To do so, seven workshops were designed, each focusing on a topic which is seen as a possible causal factor in the process of radicalisation. The first group of workshops deal with individual skills, like coaching and parenting, critical thinking and anger management. The second group focuses on relational skills by looking at narratives and identity, conflict management and debating. The last topic is on proportional state response. All seven workshops were tested with first line practitioners in experimental laboratories conducted across six European Member States (Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Malta, Spain, and Romania).

Based on these findings, a three-day Train the Trainer (TTT) course is designed in which the seven workshops are presented. On one hand, it is meant for first line practitioners to get acquainted with the TTT to be able to give the training themselves; on the other hand, it is a way to introduce participants to the seven workshops should they be willing to give the workshops themselves. However, the TTT can also serve as an opportunity to get to know about radicalisation and its causal factors and experience examples of possible exercises to influence these causal factors.

The seven workshops are further described in terms of methodology, timing, objective, input, and output. Each provides more in-depth explanation of the concepts applied and offers specific exercises. Some of these exercises are designed to support better understanding of the topics, some – to identify or map the problems, and others – to help in solving these problems.

This mixture of effects and topics proves it necessary to use them in combination and carry them out repeatedly in order for them to be effective and reach the desired results. Examples of the exercises will give a good impression of the way they assist in reaching the goals of each workshop. The Train the Trainer material is provided along the 3 sessions that are envisioned for the course. The dedicated Training Manual supports the autonomous and sustainable implementation of the TTT course by practitioner organisations.

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=> To complement the train-the-trainers material an e-learning training is offered on the HERMES TRAINING platform.