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PARTICIPATION: A new project to counter extremism and radicalization

Countering extremism and radicalisation is a major priority in the EU. The EU-funded PARTICIPATION project aims to prevent extremism, radicalisation and polarisation that can lead to violence through more effective social and education policies and interventions targeting at-risk groups. A new approach in research and preventive design will be used in this project, to propose concrete actions, policies and digital tools to empower policy actors in responding to a changing reality.

PARTICIPATION: A Methodological Handbook for Social Labs

The PARTICIPATION project has published a new handbook for social labs, a collaborative approach to tackle complex social challenges in Europe and beyond. The handbook provides a practical guide for designing, implementing, and evaluating social labs, based on a three-year research process that involved 15 partners and 30 social labs across 13 countries.

NOTIONES paper about the EC-funded research to fight terrorist narratives

The project NOTIONES is proud to present a new dissemination paper about the EC-funded research for fighting terrorist narratives. This paper descends from task T4.2 of NOTIONES and is authored by consortium partners Zanasi & Partners and Expert.AI. The paper reports on the EC-funded research to study and fight terrorist narratives, considering the outputs of

Second NOTIONES Whitepaper – AI

In the context of the global race for artificial intelligence, the European Union aims to strengthen its competitive position with respect to its main competitors – the United States and China – by anticipating them in the definition of a comprehensive regulatory framework on trustworthy  AI that could become a global standard. Indeed, acting as

1st NOTIONES Whitepaper – OSINT

Open-Source-Intelligence (OSINT) represents a powerful instrument for collecting, analyzing, and making decisions about data accessible in publicly available sources for use in an intelligence context. OSINT offers to LEAs many benefits such as, among others, low costs of obtaining information due to the ever-increasing level of digitization and large amount of freely available information, automatization

Webinar on “Data analytics and AI bias in LEAs decision-making”

On 19.05.2023 NOTIONES project organised another webinar, which was co-hosted by the popAI project. The topic of the event was developed based upon the existing concerns among security and intelligence practitioners that AI based algorithms can contain bias and therefore lead to  discrimination when used in AI-powered policing. Moreover, surveillance and predictive policing through AI

The Transnational Cybercrime Extortion Landscape and the Pandemic

David S. Wall, Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, University of Leeds, UK ( Abstract. The sudden disruption of work, recreation and leisure practices caused by the COVID-19 lockdown caught many organisations and their employees unaware, especially during the move towards working from home. This led adaptive cybercriminals to shift their own focus towards home workers